Mainstream Actors Who Turned To The Adult Industry

Becoming a professional actor is tough, and even once performers have landed major roles, it doesn’t permanently secure them spots on the A-List. But there’s always another option. Whether because their Hollywood dreams didn’t pan out or they simply love the erotic genre, these mainstream actors turned to the adult industry.

Tom Sizemore was once a Hollywood heavyweight who starred in blockbusters like Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down. But then he became a tabloid regular thanks to countless run-ins with the law and a spiraling drug addiction. That personal downfall translated directly to his faltering mainstream career and a debut in adult films. He recounted the low point in his memoir, By Some Miracle I Made It Out Of There, writing that his illicit film was the result of two things: being broke and “hopelessly addicted” to meth. Of the tryst, he wrote,

“It was disgusting, disturbing and shows you what methamphetamine does to your judgement. Honestly, out of all the ridiculous things I did, that’s the one I most want to take back.” Sizemore headed to rehab soon after, but it took him nearly a decade to get fully clean for real.

Since then, he’s managed to get his career back on track, as he’s had some luck landing new high-profile mainstream parts, including the long-awaited Twin Peaks reboot in 2017. Watch the video for more Mainstream Actors Who Turned To The Adult Industry!

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